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Italian Campaign - Roy


The organization of Maple Leaf Forever started with the close connection shared between a grandchild and grandfather, a Canadian veteran of the 1st Canadian Division in the Italian and Northwest European campaigns of the Second World War. Throughout childhood, he was recounted of hair-raising adventures and close-calls. Later in life, historical research uncovered the factual basis for these stories that would have otherwise been lost to memory.

In an effort to preserve, relive and honour his grandfather's service, a Project to retrace the path of the 1st Canadian Division in Europe was born. The Red Patch Devils Project is the first Memorial Marches currently being researched and planned to retrace the footsteps of the 1st Canadian Division in Italy.


Recognizing that more needed to be done to preserve the memories of those Canadians who served in the Second World War, this overall initiative was created to unite those who share the passion of preserving the actions of these heroic Canadian men and women.

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